Advanced All In One Forms

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Last Updated 01 Jul, 2022
Released 21 Jun, 2022
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Advanced all in one form which is a highly feature-rich plugin that will let you create any form quickly and easily. This plugin allows the users to make beautiful forms according to the requirements of their website. Vrinsoft has developed this, keeping in mind the drawbacks of other plugins.

While creating this form, user experience was our top priority. We believe that you should not hire an expert separately to create different types of forms. Thus we came up with this masterpiece plugin. Whether you want a simple form or you want to make it look innovative and captivating enough, this plugin will help you for sure.

100% secured and simple to use: If you are a beginner, you will think that you need a professional to make a form, but the Advanced all-in-one forms plugin is at your rescue. The plugin will walk you through some easy steps, and you will have your form ready within a few minutes.

You can choose any theme to make it look ingenious: This plugin gives you a chance to select themes to make your form stand out. There are many options of themes in the Advanced all-in-one forms plugin, and you can explore and choose any that matches your taste.

Multiple forms with a single plugin: With the help of this single plugin, you can develop a diversified range of forms. This plugin eases your work, and you can create different types of forms, including email forms, Captcha forms, product inquiries, estimation forms, and so much more.

Simple Drag and Drop method: To create a form, you simply need to drag and drop the fields you want in your form. There will be plenty of options like contact number, email, extra text, and radio, so you will have to drag a field from the options and drop it in your form just like that.

All in one plugin: Advanced all in one form, as the name itself, explains the plugin. You can create a versatile range of forms with a single plugin, where you get a perfect solution to develop a form conveniently. We understand the pain of drafting numerous forms. Thus, the all-in-one, advanced form plugin has got your back.

Grievance and support: Everyone was tired due to the procedure of creating many forms; therefore, Vrinsoft has brought a solution to all those problems. If you face any issues while developing the form or have any questions or queries that are not covered in the FAQs, feel free to contact us. You will find the contact details on the website Link. You can also send the inquiry on the contact details of WordPress, or you can ask the questions via email id.

Advantages of Advanced in one forms plugin: When you choose the Advanced all-in-one forms plugin, the procedure is quite simple, and you don’t have to. • You do not have to use a different Captcha plugin to insert the Captcha column • You can directly display the admin details from this plugin without using another one. • The plugin will help you in creating a dynamic Email form where you can insert fields the way you want. • You can also create custom quotation forms for your website • Other forms created from this plugin are registration, product inquiry, and estimation forms, which ease your work and your website users. • You don’t need to customize the Thank you page after submitting the form because you can do everything with a single plugin • If the user wants to enquire about multiple products, then you can use our premium version to add this feature to your contact form • You can customize as many columns as you want, and you can also edit the fields like name, address, and others according to your requirement. • Insert, reengineer, or modify anything the way you want.

Core features of the Advanced in one forms plugin: • You can create many forms with this plugin • Customization of fields is possible • Drag and drop methods make the plugin flexible and easy to use • Creative templates, which will make your form look amazing • SEO friendly • You can create forms for a website, as well as mobile • Simple steps to be followed to make a Thank you page • The plugin is consistent and developer-friendly • Personalization when it comes to the fields • Add the reCaptcha using the same plugin • Developer-friendly plugin

Security: When it comes to security, an advanced all-in-one forms plugin is one of the safest places where you can make a diversified range of forms with a single plugin for the website. Personalization with this plugin is simple and flexible.

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